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The Collektiv

About The Collektiv

What is The Collektiv?

The Collektiv connects Black women coaches, consultants, and community to support their career, business, and financial management goals.  Through the power of shared experiences and story telling we support, encourage, and guide Black women through some of the toughest times and areas of their lives to ensure their ultimate success on the journey of building generational wealth. 

Why You Should Join The Collektiv

Depending on what experience you sign up for, you get access to: 

- A TRUE community with the shared responsibility of success for each member. When we all support each other, we all have successful careers, business, and relationships. 

- LIVE virtual courses, coaching, and classes from me where I give you the honest truth about the methods I've used to try and fail in business, career, and motherhood. 

- Pick My Brain Q&A sessions where you get to ask me anything about how to set your personal and business goals, how to find the time to do it all and what you need to start a profitable business in any market. 

- Access to Money Bags Manor with step by step strategies, toolkits, guides, and more to Champion Your Career or Start Your TShirt Biz Easily

- A supportive tribe of Black women ready to celebrate your wins, hold your hand through your fears, and cry with you through your pain. 

- Exclusive offers and invitations to join exclusive classes or get free gear. 

- Access to a growing community of Black women at all stages of life to market your products and services to or to sponsor you in your career. 


There is no goal too large, no journey too long, and no problem too hard to solve with a community of supportive and like minded women. The first step if often the hardest but once you gain momentum you can knock down any barrier. To the Black women that is waiting to start or who is starting again, this space is for you. 

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